General Advice

Apply for your provisional license as soon as possible, it can take 6 weeks or more to arrive.

Download the DVSA theory app for Apple iOs or Android. There are others, talk to your friends and find out which ones they found most helpful.

Get a hard copy of the Highway Code which is easier to work through than the copy included with the DVSA app.

You will need a Theory Test Certificate to book
a practical test. 

Theory tests are generally booking at least one month in
advance, practical tests 6-8 weeks in normal circumstances.

Student Passed Test

Choosing an Instructor

Read reviews. Get as many recommendations as you can.  

Ask your friends how their lessons are going what they do and don’t like to help you chose the best instructor for you.

At Molesey Driving School our instructors will always ensure you are happy. We want you to feel in control and take responsibility for your learning with our support. 

Starting Lessons

To help you prepare there are many videos on YouTube regarding the first lesson

You could sit in your parents car, familiarise yourself with the controls, move the seat try to get yourself comfortable. Then look at a “moving off video”

If you are lucky enough to have someone to take you to an empty car park to practise moving off and stopping this could help with first lesson nerves.

As you progress you will find more videos which can support your learning. All the manoeuvres and any other aspect from junction approach to the nasty routes on your chosen test area.

Theory Test

Do your first mock test on the Apple iOs or Android App before you start revising so you have a starting point.

Read the Highway Code. It’s a tiny book and you will know most of the rules, highlight the ones you don’t. You will then have an easy reference to use for revision.

Now do another mock test, jot down any incorrect questions and answers.

Keep your notes to add to and for revision. I’m hoping your score has improved.

Keep practising till you’re passing. Then start on the hazard perception.

Novice drivers are generally surprisingly good at this test. If you’re fabulous first time keep going just in case you were lucky. If you’re not doing so well don’t worry more experienced drivers tend to click too early. It’s not when you see a potential hazard that might cause you to take action, it’s when the hazard is definitely going to cause you to take action.

If you are having any issues progressing talk to your instructor, we do offer one to one theory lessons too.

Foreign License Holders

We offer a 6 hour course including 2 assessments,  and 2 mock tests in the test area.

If you can practise between sessions this is usually sufficient.

Should you wish to use the driving school car for your test this would be at an additional cost.